Melanie Uyeda

My name is Melanie Uyeda and I live in Meridian Idaho, with my husband Michael, stepson Nicholas, and our 3 miniature dachshunds, Lucky, Diego, and Sophia.  I was born and raised in Southern California, though and after losing my dad to cancer in 1998, we just weren’t happy in California anymore. So in 2005, my mom, siblings and I moved to Idaho. Best move we could have ever made. It is here, that my life really began. I have a great job, wonderful husband and I am able to volunteer my time with this great organization to help women during their cancer journeys. What more could I ask for!

Fun Facts on Melanie

What is your favorite dessert? Pumpkin Pie!
Who is your hero and why? My hero was my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Weber and my dad. They were both so courageous during their battles with cancer, and fought to live their to the fullest. A huge part of who I am is because of them.
What is your favorite breakfast food? Banana Mac Nut Pancakes from Koa’s on Maui.
What is the most valuable life lesson you have ever learned? Spend time and cherish those closet to you because you never know when you’re going to lose them.